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Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft Rolling Luggage Innovates and Impresses Everyone

By Vlad Craciun


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After releasing their first line of hard case rolling luggage, Louis Vuitton takes things to the next level with their newest collection of rolling luggage. Dubbed Horizon Soft, the innovative suitcases before you were created together with the famed Marc Newson, one of the most influential industrial designers on the scene today.

The stylish Horizon Soft suitcases are lightweight, with each component being completely new and designed from scratch. The help of Marc Newson came right on spot, making the new luggage extremely practical in all aspects, from lightness and sturdiness to packing space and easy handling.

The new technologies used in the design and manufacturing process of these bespoke luggage pieces helped create an outer shell from thermo-formed 3D knit with a double sided jacquard.

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The knit is made from technical yarn with thermo fusible and elastic threads, all of them thermo-formed in a smooth single piece. Testing these luggage pieces was a tough and long process, but brought impressive results, reducing the weight as much as possible while maximizing the interior space. The carry-on model has only 2.9 kg and a larger capacity.

The extendable aluminum handle now sits on the exterior of the suitcase to increase its sturdiness and to free up interior space. There’s also a TSA approved zip-pull lock system with a three digit combination on these suitcases, while their tiny wheels are sturdy, efficient and make almost no noise.

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Soft comes in three models. There’s the Rolling Duffle 55 Knit 2 wheels, the Soft Trolley 55 Knit 4 wheels and the Rolling Duffle which comes in two sizes. Which one is your favorite?

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