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Live Life To The Fullest On The Dunbar Rock Villa

By Victor Baker


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Chilling out, taking a swim in the sea, enjoying the warmth of the sun and marveling at the breathtaking scenery from the Caribbean sound like the most awesome activities you could dream about right now, especially now that the fall has fully taken over our lives.

But if you still have time for a short vacation, there’s no better place to do these things than the fantastic Villa on Dunbar Rock. Located 44 miles off the coast of Honduras, this villa provides visitors with the ideal location for diving, bragging with an infinity pool and serene views of the sea.

The entire retreat was literally built atop a rock, right in the middle of the sea. Surrounded by the beautiful Mesoamerican barrier reef, this place looks like the last beautiful place on Earth in the Waterworld movie, offering amenities that could easily rival with the best Caribbean sorts.

dunbar rock

The Dunbar Rock Villa features eight private suites which await visitors to be fully embraced and spoiled by the staff here. The infinity pool complete is obviously a big selling point, as are the private white sand beach and the unique opportunity of dive with PADI certified instructors.

So, the next time you’re looking for a place to retreat, remember the Dunbar Rock – 7-night packages start at $1,952 / person. It may sound like much, but it’s definitely worth it.

dunbar rock


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