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The Mercedes-Benz WIND Power Watercraft Concept

By Victor Baker


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Mercedes-Benz WIND Power Watercraft Concept

In case you’ve ever dreamed about flying through water, this jaw dropping concept designed by Slavomir Ozanik will make you squirm in your chair.

In an effort to return to the basics of motorized transportation, which is providing you with the most interesting of experiences and thrills, Ozanik has designed the environmentally-friendly Mercedes-Benz Wind Power concept hydrocraft.

Mercedes-Benz WIND Power Watercraft Concept

Showing off  a stylish design, the Mercedes-Benz Wind Power has the potential of being considered the supercar of the oceans. This potentially fully-functional watercraft would use wind for energy and, according to the designer, doesn’t nee no internal combustion engine.

Furthermore, Ozanik had some help with the aerodynamics and construction details, so this is more than just an amateur project. What makes things really interesting is that this green vessel gets its energy from the lower hydro wings, which submerge into the water, and upper wings that are exposed to the wind.

You should expect this concept, if it ever hits the market, to be incredibly exclusive and down-right outrageous when it comes to the price-tag. But, doesn’t it just look amazing?

Mercedes-Benz WIND Power Watercraft Concept


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