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Take A Look At The BAC Mono Marine Edition

By Victor Baker


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BAC Mono Marine Edition

Designed to be the ultimate toy for your superyacht, BAC has announced their latest project: The BAC Mono Marine Edition. Of course, it’s not for the high seas, but once you dock your yacht, you will surely love to take this special edition of the BAC Mono out for a spin.

Priced at an astonishing £500,000 or exactly $775,205 at today’s currency exchange rates, this special Mono features anti-corrosion components meant to handle life at sea, as well as custom chassis lifting points which allow the car to be hoisted by super-yacht crane cradles before being secured to helipads.

Regarding that, the car even comes with its own crane, with a carbon-fiber arm, which is meant to fit all yacht crane systems.

BAC Mono Marine Edition

The BAC Mono Marine Edition is worth preserving and maintaining to optimum running standards, which is why customers will also receive an Environmental Control Container System. The Mono Marine Edition will be only built to order, which is probably the only way super-yacht owners roll.

They will be enjoying this incredible vehicle, powered by a 2.5-liter Mountune four-cylinder engine that’s good for around 305 bhp.

BAC Mono Marine Edition

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