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LeBron James is now a Laker – Check Out His New $23M Los Angeles Home

By Victor Baker


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LeBron James los angeles home

LeBron James To the Lakers. The NBA superstar took the world by storm this summer when he announced he’s taking his talents to Los Angeles, but some people weren’t really surprised by this move. That’s because a few months before this new ‘decision’, Lebron purchased a new lavish mansion in Los Angeles for a mind boggling $23 million, his third house overall and his second home in the City of Angels.

Nestled in the swanky Brentwood neighborhood, this luxurious, newly built palace seems to be just perfect for LeBron and his family. It has eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, so there’s plenty of room for his new teammates as well, but the King will get to enjoy a spectacular master suite, with a massive walk-in closet, a private patio and an incredible dual bathroom.

LeBron James los angeles home

When LeBron James isn’t shooting hoops, he could even host a small party here, thanks to his custom chef’s kitchen, complemented by natural French oak and marble on the floor, a stunning onyx bar and his very own wine cellar. But wait, there’s more.

The hard oak floors feel just like the basketball court, while an elevator could take him to a lovely rooftop terrace. Moreover, the luxurious outdoor patio is covered in marble and looks like the ideal place to enjoy an evening chat, a few drinks and some stargazing moments. As expected, there is also a game room and a state of the art cigar room, and did I mention the movie theater or the office?

LeBron James los angeles home

Staying in shape is a must for this guy, and that’s where the home gym comes in; it is half-indoors, half-outdoors and connects with a gorgeous steam room, sauna, spa, and massage room. That’s how we’d love to stay in shape too. Outside, LeBron will get to enjoy an oversized swimming pool, an outdoor spa, an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue and beer taps, a  heated dining loggia and even an auto gallery! That’s how NBA legends roll.

But despite the fact that he splashed out $23 million on this palatial property, James still wanted to make some changes and he’s adding a much-needed basketball court, an indoor wine tap and even a pizza oven. I guess pizza and wine could take you to new heights!

LeBron James los angeles home

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  1. I am almost 60 years old I’ve been a fan of the LA Lakers dating back to the 70s my sincere thanks to all those that played for the Los Angeles Lakers a wonderful bunch of guys so I just want to say thank you LeBron James the LA experience May the force be with you.

  2. Nice home, Lebron. I still think you are out of pocket with Draymond. Well be around each other one day. Since I’m more rich and more famous than you. Lol best of luck in LA. Too bad my team is in the OAK

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