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Jimmy Choo Teases Us With This Bejewelled Cruise Collection

By Victor Baker


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Bejewelled Cruise Collection

Jimmy Choo has designed a new capsule collection for 2017, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Called the Bejewelled Cruise Collection, this gorgeous line of accessories is all about the powerful game of seduction, with shimmering jewels and glamorous embellishments, capable of taking a gentleman down at the first glimpse.

The clip-on attachment is sold separately, but it allows every beautiful shoe from this collection to move in for the kill, so to speak. Showing off bright colors, bold designs and intricate craftsmanship, this entire collection is completely enchanting, and obviously, the incredible attention to details, with all those precious jewels and fur pom poms will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Bejewelled Cruise Collection

The new Jimmy Choo collection was inspired by childhood and its naive and uncontrollable urge to get excited when you’re faced with a tray of sweets, which sounds pretty great, right? The luxurious  range features interchangeable pearl, diamante, fur and pom-pom brooches, which ladies can clip onto any pair of heels or flats.

The Bejewelled Cruise line allows the brand’s select clientele to express their very own style, making every day and every event even more special with the right clip-on embellishment. Jimmy Choo will let you choose your favorite shoe decorations, so your pair will be truly unique. Let your wildest fantasies come true!

Bejewelled Cruise Collection

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