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Handcrafted transparent Grand Pianos from Crystal Music

By Adrian Prisca


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If you have ever asked how many brands are there to produce handcrafted, entirely transparent grand pianos, here’s the answer – just one! The Crystal Music Company, as it’s called, is looking forward to fulfill the needs of some rather curious figures. Their designs are fully adaptable to any sort of interiors, from luxury homes to cruisers, superyachts and getaways.

These fabulous Grand Pianos are manufactured from the most exquisite of materials in the Netherlands and Germany. There are three different models available, the 214 cm Borizz, the 193 cm Cécille and the 170 cm Giordy. Sensually designed and providing crystal clear sounds, they are able to capture the eyes, ears and imagination of everyone standing beside them.

The frames and soundboards of these pianos can further be customized through all sorts of tonal variations, alongside fully customizable main lid and outer rim. The Grand Pianos can be further garnished with 14- or 18-carat gold plated parts, diamonds, precious gemstones or Swarovski crystals.

The parts responsible for the incredibly clear sounds the Grand Pianos generate are an entire array of state of the art components, the structure entirely crafted from acrylic materials, the beams, inner and outer rims.

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