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Superyacht toy: Inflatable Climbing Wall by Green Yacht

Here’s an interesting idea of how to have fun while being onboard a yacht – the inflatable Climbing Wall was conceived by the Italian firm Green Yachts and it is a wonderful toy. The contraption, suitable for both teens and middle aged people, professionals and beginners, can be named a genuine outdoor gym, a true premiere in terms of cruising.

It was reportedly designed by highly experienced, accomplished rock climbers, and boasts with three different route types, specially painted in different colors, and showing difficulty. The easiest and most ergonomic route is the green one, red is the hardest, while yellow is for those boasting with some expertise in the field.

We’re not entirely sure if it comes with safety ropes, though, fact which might come as even more entertaining for its users – a splash in the seawaters at the tropics won’t hurt at all.

This intriguing entertainment solution comes in a standard size of 5m x 3m (16 ft 4 in x 9 ft 8 in), suitable for any sort of yacht out there. Price-wise, the Climbing Wall is around €13,000 ($17,500). This includes personalization of colors, logos and texts. This curiously humongous price may vary, though, depending on the type of yacht it gets mounted on.



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