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Arnold & Son’s Instrument Collection timepieces

By Adrian Prisca


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If memory serves, this is the second time we’re featuring works signed by the exquisite timepieces manufacturer Arnold & Son. The brand has previously unveiled the stunning Royal Collection, bearing influence from the vogue watches released during the early life of John Arnold for the royal court and King George III.

This time, the Swiss maker of exquisite timepieces is up with the Instrument Collection, inspired from the wristwatches which were developed and presented during the second part of the life of John Arnold and later, marked by the passing way of his son, John Roger. Their sole purposes were precision and value.

Today, the latest pieces in the Instrument Collection are based on a unity between the finest of aesthetics and marine precision. We’re talking about the Instrument DBG Equation GMT, the Instrument TBR and Instrument DBS Equation Sidereal. They are entirely crafted from elegant materials, through extensive hand manufacture and intricate techniques.

The first to describe, the Instrument DBG Equation GMT, is reportedly available with a superb 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel, featuring two separate displays. Each of the two is driven by its own barrel and gear train, alongside intrinsical balance and escapement. According to Arnold & Son, this arrangement provides the wearer with the ability to distinguish two different time zones as well as to ascertain if the second zone is dominated by night or day light.

The second in our show, the Instrument TBR, is in fact the first timepiece of the Instrument Collection. It sports the first automatic movement with integrated True Beat system, a feature developed and manufactured at the fine workshops of La chaux-de-Fonds. It is available with an 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel case, while the TBR nomination simply depicts the two complications boasted by the watches – True Beat and Retrograde.

The final piece, the Instrument DBS Equation Sidereal, is a state of the art gadget, a tribute to the famous Nos. 1 and 2 wristwatches, which were originally manufactured by John Roger Arnold. They used to display the means solar and the sidereal times on two nice, separate subdials. This model has been endowed with a name that describes its complications, the double balance and sidereal time, alongside the brand new manufacture A&S1311 calibre.

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