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Guess what? Lamborghini Unveiled its First Kidswear Collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Here’s an interesting surprise from Automobili Lamborghini: the Italian supercar maker has recently teamed up with Danish children wear specialist KABOOKI for the company’s first kidswear collection. They’ve signed up a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of the Automobili Lamborghini kidswear line, that will kick off with the Fall / Winter 2020 collection.

Lamborghini wants to be part of the kids world and this licensing agreement is just another step in that direction. The passion for Lambos can start from a very young age, right? The Automobili Lamborghini Kidswear collection has been already presented in Italy, Germany, the UK, the US, and a few other countries in Europe, and it’s aimed at kids from four to fourteen years.

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The collection includes a dynamic top-to-toe range of clothes, with a design that’s clearly inspired by Lamborghinis. As you can imagine, it was very challenging to interpret the incredible details of a Lamborghini into clothes, but you can easily spot the iconic Y-shape on these items, the hexagon shapes, and many other little details that will let everyone know your child is a Lamborghini fan.

Together with KABOOKI, the Italian supercar maker aims to inspire youngsters to have a closer connection with their brand through this special kids apparel collection. The Fall / Winter 2020 Automobili Lamborghini kidswear collection will be up for grabs from August on the company’s official e-shop and select retailers.

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