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Extraordinary Medieval Castle in Turin, Italy for sale

By Adrian Prisca


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Considered one of the most eye-catching medieval properties in the world, this castle in Italy is located near Turin. The walls surrounding the castle were built between the 9th and 14th century, containing the exquisite Noble Courtyard with its magnificent Fountain of the Mysteries.

The whole living area of this exquisite location covers a surface of 3,700 square meters (39,826 sq ft). Everything in this castle knows a style even greater the luxury, an absolute monument brought to high-life. The medieval park outside, covering an area of 35,000 sq m is huge, offering the possibility of taking long walks among a superb landscape, enjoy barbecues or even check on the local wildlife.

The castle may accommodate 300 guests throughout it well-designed gardens. The property also features an antique Romanic chapel dating back to 850 A.C. One can enjoy the beautiful panorama over the village of Turin, below. Among the owners of the castle, number King Arduino, Bishop of Ivrea, the Savoia and the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I. Alfredo D‘Andrade has taken care of renovating the castle during the late 1800s.

Nowadays, in 1992, the monument underwent a new restoring process, to regain its former majesty and style, now comprising the latest of technologies and state-of-the-art comfort levels. The castle knows heating throughout his entire surface, including its 30 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms.

The price? $ 59,233,908 or approx. € 45,589,093!


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