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Exciting New Service Available for Renting Camera Equipment

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s clear that basically anything can be attached to a subscription service these days. Clothing, movies, music, and now… photography equipment. Sure, renting a lens or camera body for a few days is certainly nothing new for photographers, but Parachut is a brand new company that allows for the renting of photography items in a very different way.

For $149 per month ($99 for the first month), subscribers will receive a small shipment full of photography gear that would make any photo enthusiast feel like Christmas doesn’t just come in December. Once delivered, the person can use and play around with the equipment as long as they like, then as soon as everything is sent back in good condition, a new shipment will arrive (shipping is free both ways).

For those who are worried about handling expensive photography kit that doesn’t belong to them, there is an option of adding an extra $45 per month for a protection plan that covers anything from scratching a lens to dropping a camera. It’s also possible to buy the equipment from Parachut if you simply fall in love with an item.

As for what you’ll get exactly… well, that’s half the fun of using Parachut. After some initial survey questions (beginner or pro; digital or film; preference on portraits or landscapes, etc.), you’ll only know what you have received when the delivery arrives. Parachut aims to give you items that you’re likely to use (there is a wish list option), but they also want to send you gear you’ve never even thought of using.

Photographers who are interested in experimenting with their craft will undoubtedly prosper with a service such as this, as there is the option to discover a wealth of exciting new hardware. Just don’t expect a camera like this turning up on your doorstep!

Although any amateur should first understand all of the basics when it comes to equipment, camera settings, lighting, and editing, Parachut remains an appealing prospect for any photographer to get to grips with current and older industry gear.

Having access to specialist lenses such as fisheye, wide angle, and telephoto, as well as Polaroid cameras, flashguns, and even drone cameras, a photographer has the chance to develop their skills in a way not previously possible. Check out the full list of what’s available and find out more about the service on their website.

Although the service hasn’t officially launched yet, Parachut is starting to take subscriptions right now. Operations are expected to begin in fall of 2016, but Parachut is keen to stress that the earlier people sign up, the faster they’ll be able to start renting new photography equipment.

The cost might dissuade some people too, as a yearly fee would be around $2,300 (including the monthly protection fee), and the service is currently only available to those in the US. Still, a subscription can be cancelled at any time, so it could be worth trying it out if you feel like adding some spice to your photography life.

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