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Visiting Beirut Is Pointless Without Checking In At Le Gray

By Victor Baker


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Le Gray

Located in Beirut’s electrifying Central District, Le Gray is a mesmerizing hotel, that will shock and awe all its guests with its lavish amenities and especially its rooftop, where you could find a wonderful pool, a sense-teasing restaurant called Indigo, and a 360-degree bar, with superb panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Lebanon.

The renowned hotelier Gordon Campbell Gray opened this gorgeous hotel in Beirut back in October 2009, vis-à-vis from the famous Hadiqat As-Samah Garden, a place that reveals many layers of the city’s past. And with 87 beautiful rooms on offer, featuring anything from luxury fibres and soft hues, to modern elements such as aqua TVs in the bathroom, Le Gray will definitely make you want to stay here forever.

Le Gray

If all fails, Bar 360 will get you hypnotized with its panoramic views and its vibrant night-time activities. Boasting color-lit tables and comfortable love seats set around a gorgeous glass atrium, this location should be more tahn enough to set the conditions for a memorable evening away from home.

If you’re in the mood to relax and experience something different, the Cigar Room should provide you with the ideal environment to do so, surrounded by fine cigars and the best single malts and whiskeys, and if you want to relax after a busy day around Beirut, Le Gray has a cool wellness centre, offering massages and beauty treatments like no other place.

So the next time you plan for a trip to Lebanon, make sure this hotel is on your itinerary; trust us on this one!

Le Gray

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