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1931 gold-plated Leica Luxus camera under the hammer

By Brian Pho


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A stunning 1931 Luxus Leica camera has been put under the hammer on the 25th of May, a very rare piece perfect for collectors of old cameras. The gadget was the center of attention at the respective auction and had fetched a quite huge amount of cash.

Superbly crafted from gold with exotic lizard leather in red, alongside two-gold plated lenses, this Luxus Leica has also been sold with one off photos snapped by it, one of them being an iconic shot of an American sailor kissing a nurse during the day World War II ended. The collectible camera had passed through the hands of three generations before reaching its last owner, Karl Henkell. If you know wines, yes, he’s the man – the fabled German producer of sparkling wines.

The camera was auctioned off for $683,000 in WestLicht, Vienna – the final price was in fact three and a half times higher than the expected price. The other similar cameras sold during that day had also fetched impressive amounts of money.


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