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Montegrappa Genio Creative Series Salvador Dalí Limited Edition

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Montegrappa is agreeably one of the most experienced brands in the world specialized on manufacturing exquisite writing instruments. The brand’s most exclusive range of pens, the Montegrappa Genio Creative Series, has now been added with a new item – the flawless Salvador Dalí Limited Edition.

Dedicated to the famous Spanish surrealist painter, the collection is based on one of Dalí’s paintings, inspired by the Pulcino Della Minerva, Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s famous sculpture. The aforementioned artwork was unveiled back in February 1667 and it still stands outside basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome. It portrays an image from a Renaissance novel, Hypnerotomachia Polyphili, from 1499, of fantastic quality. In order to realise his painting, Dali has borrowed some of its details, including an elephant.

The specialists at Montegrappa have taken such details and portrayed them into this fabulous pen, with “long, multi-jointed, almost invisible legs of desire long with obelisks on their backs”. On this particular pen, the elephant motif appears to be embracing a barrel of Mediterranean blue celluloid for the silver edition or gorgeous malachite green for the model made of solid gold. If you open the pen, you’ll notice a quote inscribed on the sterling silver inner barrel from The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí – his autobiography.

Just 1000 sterling silver fountain pens and 989 roller-ball pens will be manufactured. If you sum them up, you’ll realize the number 1989 comes out – this is the year Salvador Dalí had passed away. As for the gold versions – 61 fountain pens and 19 solid gold roller-ball pens will be made – they make out the number 1961 – the year when the artist had created the 1961 jewelry The Space Elephant. The writing instruments are packaged accordingly in an egg-shaped container which reminds of another of Dalí’s images symbolizing love and hope.

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