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Droog Moto’s E-Scrambler is an Electric Motorcycle Worthy of Transformers

By Vlad Craciun


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The first electric motorcycle of Droog Moto, a Washington-based company which makes ‘custom post-apocalyptic bikes’ (yeah, you read that right), is this jaw dropping monster with a heavy-duty look. Called the Silent Assassin, the new Droog motorcycle is ready to hit the toughest trails. Or at least that’s what they say.

The base bike is a Brammo Empulse R on which the guys at Droog Moto started customizing everything they could possibly change to make it a trail titan, ready to zip through muddy trails. The swingarm got a custom lift, then they added custom steel front and rear fenders, headlight plate and bright LEDs.


The electrical system got a nice sleek cover to hide it away from sight, with side covers which hide all the wiring part of the bike. They also installed a subframe with a nice seat added. The tires are two big fat Continental TKC 80 which provide plenty of grip for any tough terrain you might encounter out into the wild.

We don’t have any performance specs on this beast, but Droog Moto’s E-Scrambler promises to change the way we look at scrambler bikes from now on.

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