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Curtiss Psyche is a New Incredible Electric Motorcycle Concept

Curtiss Psyche 1

With an iconic skeletal design, that’s already an established signature of Curtiss Motorcycles, the new Psyche is an electric bike like no other, a radical motorcycle that plans take on the Harley Davidson Livewire. It will also be Curtiss’ most affordable motorcycle when it will come out – around the fall of 2021, with a price matching the one of the Livewire, which is already available for $29,799.

The stunning Curtiss Psyche was also dubbed as ‘the lover’, taking the moniker from the Greek goddess of love. The bike is a single seater, with a minimalist skeletal frame, low proportions and an impressive stance. It’s probably be going to be available in a wide range of colors, but this black and white theme is simply irresistible.

Curtiss Psyche 2

Detailed specifications aren’t available yet, but we know that it will come with two power options, 48 or 96 hp, with a weight around 375 lb (170 kg) and will have an impressive estimated range of 160 miles (260 km) per charge. Nothing but good news from Curtiss Motorcycles.

The Alabama-based company believes in this market niche of the electric bikes and aims to take over the premium motorcycle market in the next couple of years, a segment that’s still mainly based on petrol bikes. It’s a bold statement and we’re extremely curious about the future of electric motorcycles.

Curtiss Psyche 3


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