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Cufflinks made from parts of vintage cars and aeroplanes

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Focusing, apart from many other one off realizations, on manufacturing limited numbers of sculptures crafted solely from recycled metal hailed from a deceased Hurricane airplane, the TMB Art Metal brand was founded six decades after pilot Sgt. Ray Holmes in an RAF Hawker Hurricane airplane had run out of ammunition and flew his fighter into one of Luftwaffe’s German bombers, which was reportedly going to destroy the Buckingham Palace, on the 15th of September 1940 during the Battle of Britain.

Exactly the same fighter, the Hurricane P2725 TM-B, has recently had its Rolls-Royce engine dug out from the ground under the eyes of many British folk, while TMB Art Metal has designed and manufactured limited edition luxury cufflinks from metal originating from the scrap metal of the plane’s engine. These limited edition cufflinks get us one step closer to the military history of Great Britain, bringing forth some DNA of the long lost fighter.

The cufflinks crafted from the Hurricane’s scrap metal have been launched a short while after TMB Art Metal has presented the limited edition Aston Martin cufflinks, worth $5,590, reminders of the 1950 Aston Martin DBR racing 4-wheeler. These were also crafted from parts of the redundant aluminum body panel pieces of an Aston Martin DBR1/2.

One of the all time extremely important original works by Bentley is the Bentley Speed Six “Old No 2”, chassis number HM2868, which was built by Bentley specifically to compete in the 1930 LeMans race. Due to a restoration process courtesy of Graham Ross, a limited quantity of material had to be removed from the original car.

The scrap was taken over by TMB Art Metal and transformed into a 175 pair, $5,590 limited edition cufflinks, reminders of the Bentley Old No. 2’s unique radiator, with the arms crafted from solid 18 carat yellow gold and the figure 2 crafted from 18 carat white gold.

Another pair of spinner cufflinks worth mentioning are the ones TMB manufactured in order to honor the fabled Ferrari 250 GTO, from bits and pieces of material removed during the restoration of an original 1962 vintage GTO chassis no. 3527FT, the 7th built under UK number plates. These ones are worth a staggering $4,785.


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