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Historic Irish Hotel Ashford Castle on Sale at Half Price

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The world’s real estate market has received a stunning addition, the historic Ashford Castle in Ireland. For those who have heard of “The Quiet Man”, parts of the famous movie in which John Wayne used to star were filmed at exactly this location. It was recently listed for a whopping €25 million, the equivalent of $32.46 million, around half the price which has been paid five years ago for it.

Gerry Barrett, a businessman of Galway, had acquired the building from a group of Irish-American investors for €50 million back in 2008. Unfortunately, after just a few years, the magnate has placed the Ashford Castle into receivership, even though it reportedly runs on profit, as we speak. Tifco Hotel Group is running the location at the moment, a specialized asset manager run and owned by an Irish individual.

The magnificent hotel superbly overlooks the shores of Lough Corrib in County Mayo, atop a 365 acre lot. It used to be owned by the renowned Guinness family back in 1852 and had formerly served as host to famous people like King George V of Great Britain, Oscar Wilde, John Lennon and President Ronald Reagan. In addition, it also served as the wedding reception venue of Pierce Brosnan, in 2001, one of the renowned actors that have interpreted James Bond.

Comprising a total of 83 rooms, it was voted the best resort in the entire Ireland and the third best in Europe, according to Condé Nast Traveller. Judging by all these, it is quite easy to conclude that Ashford Castle makes for one of the most expensive hotels you can find in Ireland. And it definitely is, with nightly rates ranging between €400 and €950 ($584 and respectively $1,168).


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