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Comme des Garçons Offers Concrete Proof Their Perfumes Are Wonderful

By Victor Baker


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Comme des Garçons Concrete

Concrete, the material that has built the modern world as we know it, has inspired a new interesting fragrance, designed by the Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons. An unexpected scent from a company based in the Land Of The Rising Sun, this cool perfume is just another avant-garde idea from the brand’s founder, Rei Kawakubo, who’s constantly coming up with new exciting ways of surprising us all.

Housed in a wonderful bottle made from the same durable material, Comme des Garçons’ Concrete eau de toilette was designed to honor the urban creations and the living spaces we all enjoy on a daily basis. But don’t worry, it won’t smell like cement, as this fragrance actually boasts notes of sandalwood, complemented by a touch of rose and spices which contrast beautifully with the tough exterior of the bottle.

Comme des Garçons Concrete

The perfume and its stunning concrete bottle are topped with an off-centre metal cap, while the packaging has been also imagined to resemble the color and texture of the aforementioned building material. Concrete joins Comme des Garçons’ extensive range of scents, that also includes the Unisex Standard, created with furniture brand Artek.

My question is this: Are all construction workers expected to put this fragrance to good use, or is this the modern gentleman’s latest tool of seduction?

Comme des Garçons Concrete

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