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Buccellati unveiled a new High Jewelry Collection

By Victor Baker


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If you ever get to Paris, entering the Buccellati boutique located at the very corner of the Place Vendôme boutique will prove to be an incredible experience. The Italian jeweler will easily make your eyes pay attention and your heart desire everything around you. Diamonds lace and golden nid d’abeilles settings mounted on yellow gold and precious stones will charm you in a matter of seconds.

Designing iconic and timeless pieces is no easy feat, but Buccellati keeps seducing us with new collections. The brand’s latest high jewelry pieces shows off stone variations mixed with a modern twist, and what proof of beauty would you need more than having the seducing Elisa Sednaoui as their new ambassador?

Called the Opera Collection, this bespoke line of jewelry from Bucelatti includes several new and fascinating pieces that reveal the company’s fine craftmanship.


Inspired by the illuminating and rich Italian Renaissance culture, the Opera line could be considered a true work of art. Each piece boasts unparalleled aesthetic proportions and a harmonious designs, with a lovely flower motif that was inspired by the brand’s logo, which is why it was featured throughout the collection.

Each decorative element was artistically entwined with the rest, with the collection including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in a striking variety of materials and colors. The unique jewels flaunt nuances of yellow and white gold, while precious stones such as diamonds, rubies or emeralds are meant to make your heart melt.

There is no point in talking any further; the timeless elegance of Buccellati speaks for itself.


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