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Virgin Limited Astounds is With The Branson Estate on Moskito Island

By Victor Baker


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Branson Estate

Sir Richard Branson is really one cool dude – not to mention outrageously rich. To make that painfully obvious, he has added another stunning address to his already impressive collection of award-winning retreats. The virgin shores of British Virgin Islands now hide the Branson Estate; located on Moskito Island, the retreat will be open for rentals starting 2016.

Surrounded by the azzure blue Caribbean waters, the property covers over 125 acres and it’s able to accommodate up to 22 guests, who will be sleeping in one of three dreamy villas: the Headland House, the Mangrove Villa, and the Beach Villa.

The Branson Estate also includes a breathtaking Recreation Area , which is the central hub for all leisure activities, such as dining. But there’s way more than that to talk about; like, for instance, the drool inducing Beach House.

Branson Estate

This villa shows off a wraparound infinity pool and a swim-up bar, with a nearby tennis pavilion and a watersports center as well. The Beach House kitchen offers an outdoor dining area with a grill and a dedicated pizza oven, just in case you feel like eating outside as the sun goes down.

The Branson Estate is a short boat ride away from Sir Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island, so don’t think  you’d completely unsupervised over there. The property welcomes guest from all over the world and offers special arrangements including tailored meals, inflatables at the pools, twin beds as well as babysitting.  Nothing but rest and relaxation.

Branson Estate

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