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You’ve Been Dreaming About Necker Island

By Victor Baker


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Necker Island

I guess some of us still remember Gilligan and his crazy adventures on that island; but, it doesn’t have to be all that unpleasant and stressful. One trip on Necker Island, and you’ll soon realize that this paradise of lush tropical plants and white sand beaches, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, is what you’ve been dreaming of all along.

Some of you might have guessed that this is Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise, located in the British Virgin Islands, but Necker Island is also available for large parties or shared events with other travelers during Celebration Weeks, for the fair price, of course.

Accommodations in this paradise include Balinese-style houses, with teak furniture, crisp linens and amazing views of the ocean.

Necker Island

The dining experience will be taken care of as well, with sumptuous dishes served amid incredible locations around the island. You will have your own personal chefs of this private island, with a menu that will make it difficult to choose what to eat or drink here.

And if you get bored or feel the need for some exercise, try your hand at tennis, sailing, snorkeling, or wind-surfing. Or, simply chill out in the Necker Island Spa or in a hammock at the beach.

Just look at those stunning views, as you sit down on the white beach with your feet in the cool wet sand as the warm waters of the Caribbean swirl around your ankles. That looks amazing and sounds even better.

Necker Island

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