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The Villa Kyma In Greece Is €1,800,000 Worth Of Pure Bliss

By Victor Baker


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Villa Kyma

Located right next to the beach in Livarji, Greece, the charming Villa Kyma will make anyone smile, with its amazing amenities and breathtaking views. If you happen to have €1,800,000 in your bank account(s), this 5 star luxury villa could be your dream vacation home in Greece, complete with a gorgeous swimming pool and a slice of private beach.

Villa Kyma is one of the very few houses in this area to offer direct access to the sea, over a private pathway which leads directly to the rocky coastline of Livarji. The home can easily accommodate up to 10 guests, in 5 beautifully decorated bedrooms, while two living rooms, one dining room and a fully equipped kitchen are also part of the offering.

Villa Kyma

The minimalist design of this amazing villa seems to accentuate the beauty of the surroundings, while the high quality of the construction and the exquisite interior design will make any guest feel spoiled here.

The warm water of the infinity pool and the “dream area” halfway down to the sea seem equally enjoyable, but I guess you’ll forget about everything else once you take a glimpse of those incredible sights. Feel free to end the day by dining on the terrace and savoring some tasteful local wines while listening to the waves.

Villa Kyma


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