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Buben & Zörweg Galaxy Will Keep Things Stylish And Safe

By Victor Baker


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Buben & Zörweg Galaxy

With an eye catching retro-futuristic look, underlined by its fusion of high quality leather, exotic woods and high-gloss metallic paint, this safe is nothing but the best. Coming from well-known safemaker Buben & Zörweg, the new Galaxy safe models will be available in white (Pearl White) or black (Black Stardust).

The Buben & Zörweg Galaxy comes with chrome-plated, stainless steel metal handles on its doors, which seem to give a couple of hints about the valuable contents inside, and other luxurious finishes and noble materials meant to impress both men and women.

Buben & Zörweg Galaxy

The sleek Galaxy safe collection will be available in 4 distinct sizes: The Galaxy Tabletop, the ‘standard’ Galaxy, the Galaxy XL and the Galaxy XXL. There is, however, a different version available – the special Gun Collector’s Edition – which represents an example of the customization capabilities the brand is willing to put out there, for the customer’s appreciation.

Buben & Zörweg will make sure that their Galaxy series will be customized to cater to every customer’s individual and particular needs. Also available upon request are an integrated HiFi system, or a new Buben & Zörweg in-house developed alarm system.

The new Galaxy model is much more than a safe, it’s a beautiful piece of design meant to impress even potential burglars.

Buben & Zörweg Galaxy

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