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Sir Richard Branson’s The Lodge in Verbier is just Exquisite

By Victor Baker


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The Lodge

Sir Richard Branson is the proud owner of some of the world’s most beautiful retreats, like the Necker Island, Mont Rochelle Vineyard in South Africa, the Mahali Mzuri Camp in Kenya or the Roof Gardens in London, just to name a few, but he’s also the owner of a luxurious lodge high up in the Swiss Alps.

Simply called “The Lodge”, this incredible mountain retreat is perched high above the resort town of Verbier in Switzerland, awaiting guests with a thirst for some of the world’s best skiing.

The Lodge is basically a nine-bedroom chalet, featuring a mixed style of modern and rustic alpine decor, while also showing off that sweet Swiss-chocolate color motif. There are also two Master Suites, located on the top floor, which include open fireplaces and private balconies.

The Lodge

Guests may also opt out for one or two-bedroom rooms, but preference is given if you book the entire facility. The staff at The Lodge has as many members as there are guests, and they will make sure you get a nice breakfast and escort you up the mountain. Verbier’s alpine splendor could easily make anyone lose track of time, but you should know that there’s plenty to keep you occupied inside as well.

The indoor pool area from The Lodge includes a steam room, gym and spa, not to mention a small ice rink awaits at the back. Branson’s Lodge will also tease its guests with various wines a self-respectable Swiss cellar should always hold, while the kitchen is always open for you to fuel your passion and long, beautiful nights.

The Lodge

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