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Sir Richard Branson’s Roof Gardens Look Like Heaven

By Victor Baker


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Roof Gardens

Somewhere in London, 100 feet above Kensington High Street to be more exact, The Roof Gardens allow Sir Richard Branson to savor the overall look and feel of Heaven, or what probably is the closest thing to it. This unique retreat is the man’s paradise, which has been known to host events for up to 500 guests, featuring a Private Members Club that’s open Friday and Saturday nights and a gorgeous restaurant named Babylon which seats 120 guests.

All  that magic happens within one and a half acres of stunning gardens, with natural wildlife and real flamingos, not to mention the breathtaking views of London’s skyline. The Roof Gardens has opened 80 years ago, and it boasts three themed gardens, each with its own unique style and planting.

Roof Gardens

The English woodland garden is home to fully grown oaks, a relaxing flowing stream stocked with fish and a blissful garden pond that’s home to four flamingos. The Spanish garden on the other hand was inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and comes with fountains, vine-covered walkways with palm trees and colonnades.

Last but not least, the Tudor garden is all about herringbone brickwork, impressive wisteria-covered arches and wrought iron. So, the Roof Gardens seems like the ideal place to spend your time, whether you’re looking for a unique dining experience, a great place to relax and enjoy the finest things in life. You could even get married here.

Roof Gardens

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