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CRS duu Is What Custom Motorcycles Are All About

By Victor Baker


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CRS duu

CRS is a small company based in Milan, Italy which produces high-quality motorcycles by using nothing but the latest available materials and premium performance parts. Their latest bike series is called CRS duu and focuses on a completely customizable frame, allowing customers to change everything on their bikes: colors, style and more.

Both aesthetic configuration and mechanical components can be hand picked, with the basic frame being a complete stainless steel main structure, comprised out of big section tubes. The chassis’ components were machined bended, and hand welded to reinforce the engine’s cradle and holder – just like in the beginning days of choppers.

CRS duu

The CRS ‘duu’ comes standard with a five-speed transmission – but you may go for the optional six-speed, as well as featuring a wet multitask clutch with hydraulic controls. Powering up this unique ride is a V-twin four-stroke 1916 cc engine, that will easily get you flying at around 200 km/h.

Customers could add carbon fiber body parts, colored finishes and additional protection panels to the mix. The ‘duu’ series was imagined to allows riders to personalize every little detail on their bike, creating a truly unique and exciting way of living out their dreams.

CRS duu

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