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Vizoury Adds a Touch of Luxury to Dumbbells

By Victor Baker


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Made in Germany. That’s a short sentence with powerful words, used for high-quality products, and Vizoury knows exactly that. The German company combines the most precious materials imaginable with incredible attention to detail in an effort to set new standards among luxury goods.

I doubt you were expecting to see something as exquisite as the Vizoury diamond encrusted dumbbells. Featuring unique shapes, innovative coating technologies and around 750 flawless white diamonds set by hand, these things will definitely make you stand out while you work out, at home or at the gym, if you’re willing to take them with you.


Getting in shape has never looked cooler, and you don’t even have to work at it – simply leave your dumbbell pair in the custom-made box made of pure walnut wood to impress everyone. Vizoury is responsible for the world’s most exclusive dumbbells, transforming an ordinary workout tool into an outrageous piece of art.

Future buyers may customize their dumbbell even further, opting out for individual polishes, coatings or diamond configurations. Vizoury’s dumbbells will come in different shapes and sizes – from 2 to 20 kg – constructed out of the highest grade stainless steel, coated with rare ruthenium for a beautiful dark finish. Time to workout in style!



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