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Bentley SUV rumored to be premiered at Geneva Motor Show

By Adrian Prisca


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There are a couple of rumors flowing around in automotive market regarding the fact that Bentley might want to explore other markets as well, designing a Bentley SUV that might have its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in the first days of March.

On the premise launched by the company’s president and COO Christophe Georges that states the car is just  “exploring the potential, but the vehicle has not been approved”, Autoweek still sent a rumor regarding the fact that one piece is on the process of being prepared for the show.

Presumably sporting off-road abilities, the platform most probable for the SUV’s build-up is Audi Q7-s, with a turbocharged W12 booster under the bonnet. Another aspect that will be unveiled at the saloon is the decision to start production of this vehicle, be it negative or positive.

But the most probable thing to happen is the release of details regarding the car’s coming on the automotive market. Even though we’re currently endowed with question marks overhead, we let your bask in these rendered photos. Who knows, they may become reality during March.


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