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Amosu Couture’s Valentine collection looks sweet!

By Adrian Prisca


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Although Valentine’s Day has passed a short time ago, there is still the possibility of getting your beloved a gift if you couldn’t do it at the right time. Thus, we present you the Amosu Couture on the occasion of the fabled celebration. They are coming with a wide range of options, including pink or crystal studded phones.

The Valentine Collection, as it had been called, features a gorgeous Full Pink iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 with a big pink Swarovski-crystals encrusted Apple logo plus the superb Rose Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900, with its bezel encrusted with light pink Swarovski crystals.

There’s a “romantic pink” customization available for the iPhone 4S that features a silver bezel which includes in excess of 470 magenta pink Swarovski crystallized stones. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 sports a rose gold decorated bezel with more than 650 light pink Swarovski crystals.

The iPad2 on the other hand boasts its original back-panel, the only customization being made to it being the Apple logo, encrusted with 300 plus radiant pink Swarovski crystals, laid on a silvery structure.

The best thing about the collection is that customers may have their names or their company’s logos imprinted on the back-cases. The prices are as follows: the iPhone 4S is available at $3,450 (£2,199), the iPad 2 values $2,040 (£1,299) and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets as high as $2,670 (£1,699). Buy your lover one of these and be sure she’ll stick around.


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