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Antique Bérgere chair adorned with a turquoise neon

By Adrian Prisca


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Another wonderful yet intriguing creation in our pages is this neon-decorated antique Bérgere chair that was found in a flea market in Northern Paris. This gorgeous piece of furniture initially looked incredibly bad, but kept its high value and had the potential of becoming attractive again. After a short road to London, it became part of the Rough Diamond collection, back in 2008.

The curious thing about the chairs is that it was left absolutely untouched and un-restored, the only change brought to it was a turquoise neon all around its margins. Thus, this piece of furniture has fast become unique and got authenticated with a brass plaque.

What we think is strange about this chair? It’s the fact that it managed to keep its appeal and superb look even if left in a bad state, and soon became a part of an enthusiast’s collection, being sold by the company that took it to England. The thing is similar chairs can be ordered by those who really want to have a stand-out residence. This particular type of chair may also serve as part of illuminated vintage furniture collections.

All pieces that are to be produced or have been produced are authenticated as limited editions by a letter and specifically-numbered plates. Its beautifully-flowing lines and its elegance will surely make this type of chair be wanted in a lot of homes.


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