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Bentley And Naim Audio Reveal Special Edition Mu-so Speakers

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Mu-so speakers

In the world of this luxurious British automaker, small packages sometimes hold the most awesome value – does anyone remember that unique watch in the Bentayga? This time, an amazing set of premium wireless speaker systems has been developed alongside another renowned British company, with the folks over at Naim Audio now offering special editions of their Mu-so and Mu-so qb wireless speakers as part of the Bentley Collection.

Featuring state-of-the-art wireless technology and nothing but the best audio equipment, these speakers can be combined to deliver a multi-room audio experience that reaches up to five rooms simultaneously.

Mu-so speakers

Furthermore, an exceptionally good audio quality can be enjoyed out of the 450 watt Mu-so, while the smaller Mu-so qb isn’t too shabby either. Inspired by luxury materials, colors and patterns, that we would usually see on the newest Bentley vehicles, the exterior design of these bespoke Naim speakers is as impressive as you’d expect.

Please note the Naim for Bentley logo and the sleek metallic color, which add to the exclusivity of these speakers, with both these products being already available for purchase. The special Mu-so retails for £1199 ($1,463) while the Mu-so qb will set you back around £749 ($915).

Mu-so speakers

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