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Al Capone’s Miami Mansion is Up for Grabs at $15 Million

By Victor Baker


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Al Capone miami home

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Al Capone, the legendary gangster who was also nicknamed Scarface. He became the most infamous mobster in American history during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of Chicago Outfit. But you probably didn’t know that he used to live in this spectacular Maimi Mansion at 93 Palm; and the best thing is that it could be yours for a cool $15 million.

Located in the luxurious Palm Island neighborhood, the waterfront residence has been recently restored to its former glory. The massive 36,000-square-foot property is ready to welcome its future owners with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as a guest house and a wonderful pool cabana. Have you noticed the huge swimming pool?

Take a closer look in the gallery below and feel free to daydream about a nice day of rest and relaxation, sans the police at your gates.

Al Capone miami home

Some of you may remember the questionable nature of Capone’s work, which is why the man desired some serious levels of security. As such, the property is surrounded by a seven-foot wall that might make some of you feel a bit constrained or claustrophobic. Still, this unique mansion is an incredible opportunity to live in a place where history was written.

No one was expecting Al Capone’s Miami mansion to hit the market but we’re pretty sure it will get a lot of attention and potential buyers. I’m more curious about how it changed ownership ever since – now that seems like a cool story worth telling. Do you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep in the former home of America’s most famous gangster?

Al Capone miami home

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