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$880,000 Dragon and Spider Phone Case by Anita Mai Tan

By Adrian Prisca


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I wonder what it is like to own a phone case that’s way more expensive than a luxurious car, an apartment or even a pricy house. A fabled designer, the reputable Anita Mai Tan of Al-gems.com, has focused a huge number of ideas and her soul into manufacturing the Dragon and Spider phone cases.

She penned them down and crafted them in such a way that they can be worn as necklaces. They don’t give away from offering the elegance and exquisiteness Anita Mai Tan has accustomed us with, having been encrusted her creations with rubies, sapphires, tsavorite, emeralds and diamonds.

Taking them separately, the Dragon Phone Case is crafted from 18-carat gold decked with no less than 2200 colorless and colored (champagne, cognac, brown) diamonds, summing up around 32 carats. Numerology ideas have also been implemented by the fabled designer, the number 22 for example meaning “easy”, 32 – “born easy”, while their combination results in the number 9, which can be associated with leadership, integration and maturity. The dragon on the other hand symbolizes the Universe, existence, life and growth.

The adjacent piece, the Spider Phone Case, is the best representative of hard work, creativity and unity. Manufactured in 18-carat gold and encrusted with 2800 colorless and black diamonds, totaling 38 carats, this one is also backed up by numerological significations, as the number 28 stands for “easy gaining wealth”, while 38 for “born wealth”.

With an estimated worth of $880,000, the cases will definitely be top sellers. They will be auctioned during the autumn of 2012 by Magnetic Communication Inc. on the occasion of their Sparkle Event. The organizers of the event will also start a contest where young blokes will have to answer the question: “What needs to be done in order to make the World Sparkle in 2013?”.

Furthermore, the event is going to support the NFTE, who are fighting to assist the youth with low incomes to keep sticking to schools, to keep away from criminal and street lives as well as to becoming entrepreneurs and help develop the world we’re living in.


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