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6 Ideas to Make Your Home Office More Luxurious

By Martha Young


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The beauty of having your own home office is that you get to have more time, more flexibility, and you’ll even start saving up more money once you’re working from home. You’ll spend less time commuting, going out for lunch and of course, less money renting an office space. As a matter of fact, a home office could even increase the value of your home, as most buyers tend to pay extra for homes with offices.

You can also decorate it as you wish, minimalist or luxurious, classic or modern, black or white, and so on, to make sure you’ll feel as comfortable as possible and happy with your home office space, expressing your personality through all the tiny details in the office.

But since you’re your own boss at home, your office might become cluttered, too informal or unprofessional, which in turn may lead to a lack of self-discipline and focus, ruining your business prospects. Listed below are six ideas on how you could increase the professionalism of a home workspace, making it more organized and aesthetically appealing.

1. Statement office furniture

modern office furniture

The importance of having the right furniture for your home office cannot be stressed upon enough. An executive set of chairs and a luxurious desk can bring forth an impact unlike any other. Dark hues such as mahogany, black, grey, and brown provide a more certified appearance, while the furniture itself could inspire you to discuss more with your clients, work, and create.

Lighter shades or different colors could be also used very well, as long as your home office remains coordinated, bold, and pleasing to everyone who comes inside. Exercise your own freedom when it comes to décor, but make sure you’ll pick the right furniture pieces, if you want to create the proper business atmosphere.

2. Display your qualifications

office qualifications

It might not sound like a lot, but if you’re planning to have clients over, hanging up or placing frames of your diplomas, certificates, or courses completed, will add a touch of professionalism to your home office. Furthermore, achievements within personal fields of interest such as sports or artistic hobbies could also be showcased if you’d like to add a more personal aura to your workplace.

These might allow clients to feel more connected to you since they could learn of your interests and recognize your abilities as a person. But this move should be done without adding a ton of trivial achievements that might not be regarded too well by your clients. Some motivational posters could work as well.

3. Invest in wall decor

office canvas art

A notable example of an enticing wall décor would inevitably involve custom canvas prints; artworks can transform any office into a creative work space and having some custom prints with your favorite works of art or some scenic images could give your home office a more personalized appearance.

You can order them in any design you could possibly think of and since they’re available in a big range of textures, you can have various options to bring your ideal design to life. An attractive décor will always inform clients that you care about maintaining a professional work environment and it turn, it will reflect your dedication to work as well.

4. Declutter Often

office declutter

Clutter is the devil itself. If you have any items just lying around in your office, without any functional purpose or outcome, you must ditch them immediately. Clutter provides a highly unprofessional look and apart from the fact that it might ruin your creativity and work mood, it could also lead clients to believe that you’re unorganized or messy.

Therefore, make sure you get rid of any objects that you might not use, if you want to get that tidy office space we all want.

5. Use adequate lighting

home office lighting

When it comes to lighting, neither too bright nor too dim is the way to go. Exceedingly bright lighting would cause uneasiness while far too dim lighting causes strain upon your eyes. A stylish lamp or a state of the art lighting system will make wonders in your home office. Just remember, you must always focus on eye comfort, and then if you create the right ambiance, your productivity could go to all time highs.

6. Choose your accessories carefully

luxury desk accessories

If you want to have that perfect balance between informal and professional in your home office, the right accessories can make a real difference. A few mismatched objects or too many items might ruin the whole ambiance, so you should be very selective when it comes to office accessories.

A few stationery items or a few folders might say you’re all about business, but certain objects such as exquisite pens, a collection of interesting books and a unique desk clock will reflect your intellect and hobbies.

All in all, there are many options to turn your home office into a dream workplace. If you want to go for the high-end, more luxurious option, it will cost you a little bit more, but most of these ideas can be also applied with minimum expenses and they will still lead to maximum satisfaction.


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