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5 Things You Need for A Luxurious Living Room

By Martha Young


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The word luxury is described in the dictionary as “the state of great comfort and extravagant living”. When thinking of a luxurious living room, people often envision sinking into carpets, chandeliers dripping in crystal with twelve arms supporting candles.

Luxury can be manifested in modern terms or in European castle-type furnishings and lighting. Living rooms with glass wall panels, for instance, are a more modern luxury for homeowners. The abundance of natural light is priceless, while enjoying the best of outdoor living inside is equally desirable. Here are five things needed for a luxury living room.

1. Glass Walls

living room glass walls

The idea of an open floor plan is an attractive idea, however, there are some downfalls with having a completely open plan. For example, cooking odors traveled all around the open space, and along with it, noise. Homeowners suddenly found themselves needing some type of barrier. Glass fit the bill.

The benefits of glass walls are undeniable. Glass walls ensure that natural light will travel around the open space. Natural light helps to boost the mood, aids eyesight, and just as important, it boosts the body’s absorption of Vitamin D. Natural light also improves sleep by giving the body a clear reminder that day is over and it’s time to sleep, keeping your circadian rhythm intact.

Open floor plans are great if families have clearly defined areas such as living rooms and dining areas. Furnishings can constitute that definition, but if they don’t or can’t, then glass walls are the perfect distinction between rooms.

Glass walls can help keep conversations private as well as preventing kitchen odors from wafting through the house.

2. Bespoke furnishings

bespoke furnishings

Luxurious furniture comes in many shapes and forms. Many people consider high-backed sofas, love seats, and chairs with amazingly carved highly polished wood luxurious. Others think furniture you find in European castles finished in gold leaves are the height of luxury. Some find Louis IVX furnishings in white and silver with intricate carving nothing less than luxurious.

Luxurious modern furniture is something you can sink into. Pair these with beautifully carved wood tables, crystal or gold leaf chandeliers, and glass walls, and you have a luxurious living room you won’t soon forget.

3. Works of Art

living room artwork

Art, too, comes in many types. Lovely carved terra cotta urns and planters holding wispy pampas grass, or a small tree can be considered art. Some appreciate artful urns and planters from other civilizations like Aztec or China.

Sculpture is in a category all its own. Whether its a sculpture of animals, busts of gods and goddesses, mythological figures like Pan or Pegasus, or something abstract in the form of yin and yang, for example, sculpture is 3D and gives us a complete impression of the subject.

More commonly considered art is paintings, sketches, and photography. Ansel Adams is deservedly popular for his dark photography compositions. No painting begins without a sketch. Some artists, like Da Vinci, have had their sketches made famous. An excellent example of sketching is Marco Mazzoni’s pencil sketches of fishes and small animals surrounded by what appears to be long either straight or curly hair. It would take another article to cover paintings, but no home can be complete without art works.

4. Protection

home protection

One of the aspects of luxury is that it needs to be protected. The incredible art works, the gold leaves on chandeliers and furniture, and the antique furnishings or the European castle-type furnishings were worth enough to you to buy them, so you should protect them by knowing what’s covered under a home warranty.

By protection, we don’t mean insurance, per se. Your homeowner’s policy will cover furnishings. What we mean is a home warranty. Only a home warranty will cover anything that happens to the chandelier, because it’s part and parcel of the electrical system. If the wiring blows and burns out the lights in the chandelier causing smoke damages, then a home warranty would pay for replacement.

5. Colors

Living Room Colors

To have a truly luxurious living room, you’ll need to make sure the colors used work together. Having too many colors thrown in one room can be hectic and cause the room to look messy rather than luxurious. Having a grey or neutral base with accent pillows or chairs can bring a room together and give a feel of luxury.

Having a gorgeous rug in the middle of the room can add luxury, especially if it’s colors are vibrant. To really bring the room together, add throw pillows on the couch that match or compliment the colors of the rug. Even better, match your pillows to the colors of a painting you have hung in the room.

If you’re going for a sleek and modern feel, go for all white or all grey, this will have a minimalist look while still bringing light to the room, for a luxurious and modern look.

Luxury brings homeowners a certain lifestyle, one of extravagance, beauty, and comfort.  If you’re looking for a true life of luxury, you’ll want to use these ideas in your living room and throughout your home.

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