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New 80 meter Hybrid Explorer Yacht Concept from Gill Schmid

Gill Schmid Hybrid Explorer 1

Together with Tim Dempers Studio and Dorriës Maritime in Germany, the brilliant yacht designers from Gill Schmid have imagined a brand new explorer concept. It’s a stunning 80 meter hybrid explorer yacht with a global range and meeting the Ice Class specifications. That means it’s the kind of yacht you can take anywhere with no problem.

The futuristic looking concept combines extremely well the functionality of an explorer yacht and the luxuries of a high end superyacht. The hybrid vessel comes in a two tone paint finish, with industrial silver for the operational and technical areas and pure white for the interior guest spaces. An interesting fact is the mirrored glazing exterior which makes the yacht blend in with its surroundings.

The hybrid nomenclature isn’t only for the visual aspects. The yacht can operate using both diesel fuel and electricity via the diesel-electric propulsion system, thus allowing the vessel reach eco-friendly only destinations as well.

Gill Schmid Hybrid Explorer 2

When it comes to fun, the new hybrid vessel comes with plenty of exploration equipment, including a 12 meter and an 11 meter tender, a Triton submarine and four Sea-Doo jet skis. The fully-enclosed tender bay can also serve as an entertainment deck which can be opened and closed depending on the weather.

What’s more, the yacht comes with a helipad. There’s also a full gym and a bright social area into a glass superstructure. The spa and Jacuzzi don’t miss as well and when the time to sleep comes, seven suites await the owner and his guests. The owner benefits of course of an apartment with private outdoor deck.

Among the many other amenities, you can count the cigar lounge, formal dining area, beauty hair salon and an outdoor workout area.

Gill Schmid Hybrid Explorer 3


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