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10 Beautiful Watch Winders for Collectors

By Thom Esveld


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Automatic or self winding watches have a special allure that makes collectors from all over the world particularly interested in them. And when you’re one of those people and have several automatic watches you cherish and try to keep them all running, then you’ll need something like a watch winder. Or more.

A watch winder is a special storage unit for self winding watches, which make use of a rotor – a small metal weight – that spins with every movement of the wearer’s arm to power the watch’s movement. When the watch isn’t worn for a period of time – two or three days – it loses it’s power reserve and stops still.

Sure, you can always manual wind a watch, but what if you’ve got ten? Well, that’s where those watch winders come in. They have a mechanism that somehow mimics the movement of one’s wrist to keep the watch wound.

Now, watch winders come in many types and flavors. They can have single or multiple winding modules, different winding options and power sources and a lot of other features. If you’re interested, here’s our pick of 10 beautiful watch winders for collectors:

10. Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder – $50

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

Versa established itself as one of the best producers of watch winders, offering a hard to match selection of products, from single winders up to quad winders. The Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder sells for a decent $50 and comes with no less than 12 winding configurations, including four TPD options and three direction settings.

The power source relies on AC, which might turn back some people, especially those who travel a lot, but the winder has a clean minimalist design and is compatible with several watch sizes. The motor is a Japanese Mabuchi, making the Versa Automatic a very quiet watch winder.

9. Chiyoda Single Winder – $50

Chiyoda Single Winder

The Chiyoda Single Winder is another winder which impresses through premium quality at an affordable price tag of $50. The winder features a handmade wood frame with soft interior padding and a tough glass cover. It’s a good one and it’s gorgeous all at the same time. The dock can fit almost any automatic watch model.

As for configurations, they can be set very easily via two simple knobs, one for direction and the other for the TPD options. It has the same Japanese Mabuchi motor as the previous winder on our list, which makes it silent and non distracting. The big difference is that the Chiyoda Single Winder can also run on battery, making it more fit for traveling.

8. Versa Elite Single Watch Winder – $70

Versa Elite Single Watch Winder

Another Versa, the Elite Single Watch Winder, features a beautiful black leather finish which makes it particularly pleasing when it comes to the looks and design. Everything about it speaks quality, including the cover and the spring action pillow.

As for functionality, this winder has options for four different TPD (turns per day) and three direction settings. The drawback is that it comes with an AC power adapter and no battery. The price is good enough at $70.

7. Versa Double Winder – $112

Wolf Heritage Double Winder

The Double Winder from Versa is another high quality product of the brand. It comes with Japanese motors, making its operation very silent, even when you’ve got two watches inside. As the name mentions, it can wind two watches at the same time, and does that in a stylish way.

The controlling of its operation is made through a set of switches. It comes with three direction options and four TPD options. It’s also limited to AC operation, but it gets the job done with minimal issues. The cost rises to $112.

6. JQueen Quad Winder – $140

JQueen Quad Winder

The JQueen Quad Winder is a superb and versatile quad winder that both looks great and has a lot of functionality. It comes with alternating winding direction, several TPD settings and has silent motors.

It can fit various watch models from different brands and features a nice finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing. It ships for $140.

5. Barrington Single Winder – $179

Barrington Single Winder

Barrington Single Winder features a stylish frame that can run both on AC and battery and can also power another watch winder which runs on AC source only. It’s available in different colors, apart from the standard ‘formal’ ones, so you can get it in yellow, red, or green as well.

The front side comes with a LED light and the back side has a pair of knobs for controlling the five TPD options and the three winding direction settings. The cushion inside is also available in different options, should the watch or the strap differ. The price is a little bit pricier, rising to $179.

4. Heiden Quad Winder – $280

Heiden Quad Winder

The Heiden Quad Winder is a superb dock which offers the possibility for holding four timepieces at the same time. The four docks are fitted with soft pillows, large enough to hold almost all types of automatic watches available on the market today. Heiden Quad Winder comes with silent individual motors for each dock.

The black leather exterior is enough to impress even the most pretentious of the collectors, and the clear cover highlights the watches inside. Each module comes with individual on/off buttons, with TPD and winding direction controls at the back, leaving the front of the winder clean and minimal in aesthetics. The price is a good $280.

3. Wolf Heritage Double Winder – $450

Wolf Heritage Double Winder

A double winder for double the price, the Wolf Heritage Double Winder deserves all that praise since it’s more than a simple winder. It’s both a stylish storage box and a travel case for several of your most cherished timepieces. The exterior comes in faux leather and chrome finished knobs, giving it a classic minimal look which only highlights your collection.

It comes with two power options, AC and battery, it runs silently and features a factory programmed 900 TPD with the usual direction settings.

The winder can hold a total of five watches, even of a larger size, two on the winding docks, two on the storage slots and one in the travel case. It’s true, the price rises to $450, but you get what you’re asking for. Quality and functionality.

2. Wolf Viceroy Triple Winder – $1,100

Wolf Viceroy Triple Winder

Number two doubles the price even one more time, but prides itself with being an exclusive watch winder and storage option for the more serious and business oriented individual. Clean design without any gleam, the Wolf Viceroy Triple Winder is definitely one of the best choices out there.

It has a large watch storage with three individual winding docks, each with its own silent motor and configuration options. The black leather clad exterior matches the silver design of the interior panel, making for a superb appearance. The winder runs both on AC and battery and can hold more than three watches in total. The top features a covered storage module, which can hold five individual watches. What’s more, it also comes with a travel case, rising the total number of the watches it can hold to no less than nine. So, the price of $1,100 is not that much anymore.

1. Bernard Favre Planet Winder – $1,390

Bernard Favre Planet Winder

Bernard Favre Planet Winder might be the most expensive on the list with its price of $1,390, but it surely is the most impressive and sophisticated as well. It’s a unique sight on a market saturated with classy formal looks. It’s a single Swiss made winder which comes with a sandblasted aluminum base and a double axis movement that can be either black anodized or chrome finished stainless steel.

The Planet comes with different winding settings and a superb glass bell cover for a more exclusive look and protection of the watch inside. The power source is a long lasting battery. The price can also be long lasting, but more of a long lasting headache when you think of the price tag of $1,390.

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