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Lavilla is a Blissful Yacht Concept Imaged by Jérémy Kitzinger

By Vlad Craciun


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Lavilla Superyacht Concept 1

Jérémy Kitzinger, a talented 21-year-old French designer, came up with an impressive yacht concept together with the brilliant team from Lateral Naval Architects, who did the engineering and naval architecture of the 110 meter long Lavilla superyacht.

Jérémy combined traditional design rules, including the golden ratios, proportion and form with novel ideas that revolutionize the way the Lavilla looks by not following the standard formula often found in the industry. Where there would usually be standard corridors in the living space, Kitzinger designed none, driven by his philosophy of breaking out from the repetition of the same space on each deck seen in most yachts out there.

Another influence to Kitzinger’s design ideas is the ‘family’, or how family and friends usually spend time together to be more precise. He used this to design the layout of the yacht’s spaces, by letting them flow effortlessly instead of dividing them.

Lavilla Superyacht Concept 2

Integrating that into the design led to a concept known as home on the seas, where everyone can move seamlessly from one space to the other. For that matter, the yacht features an open plan living space with open kitchen, saloon, dining area, finally leading towards the freedom of the sea.

With freedom and the open sea in mind as the main driving force behind the concept, Lavilla has everything organized in a different manner as compared to the traditional yachts. Sure, there’s privacy for the owner when he needs it, with an entire deck only for him, there are ‘creative spaces’ in the forward and aft areas of the vessel, a workshop, a media studio and an 100 square meters area with full height windows open to whatever hobbies the future owner might have.

Lavilla also has two atriums, a central one of 9 meter height and a forward one which includes a garden as well, designed in such a way that you can see through the entire 110 meter length of the yacht from anywhere.

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