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Zeki Pasa Waterside Manor listed for sale

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What we have here is a staggering mansion located in Baltalimani, RumeliHisari, in Istanbul, Turkey. Comprising around 3,000 square meters of living space, this is quite a gorgeous place to call home.

An extraordinary looking construction, it was built during the second half of the 19th century courtesy of acclaimed French architect Alexandre Vallaury for Müsir Zeki Pasha. The latter used to be minister during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II.

Now boasting with more than 150 years of exquisite history, the so-called Zeki Pasa Waterside Mansion was constructed in baroque styles and comprises a total of 23 superbly appointed bedrooms and 8 exquisite bathrooms. One of the most imposing man-made structures throughout the Bosphorus, this 5-story residence is nicely adjoined by 4,000 square meters of garden area and a gorgeously elegant pier measuring 130 meters in length.

Don’t dare think this comes cheap though – it is currently listed for sale at a humongous $115 million, or the equivalent of €89,808,668. Quite a lot, but hey – it’s incredibly good-looking!


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