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Vorsteiner decks the McLaren MP4-12C

By Brian Pho


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Let’s just put this shortly – this car we’re featuring now is a stunning McLaren MP4-12C, but, as you can clearly notice, it’s far from being the stock model. In fact, it was modified by the guys at Vorsteiner, whom we quite fancy.

It has received a stunning new exterior kit fully crafted from carbon fiber, encompassing a brand new front bumper, new rear bumper with huge integrated diffuser, additional side skirts attachments and new lip spoiler. Actively assisting the process of brake-cooling, the car has been fitted with additional vents on each of the sides of the rear bumper.

Furthermore, this new Vorsteiner body kit further adds a superbly discrete rear wing entirely crafted from carbon fiber, while future customers are given the option to fit their MP4 with a brand new set of 20- or 21-inch alloy wheels nicely decked with metallic accents. We’re still waiting for details about the price.


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