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Yves Béhar’s Love Turntable Puts a Spin on Vinyl

Yves Béhar Love Turntable

This ‘intelligent turntable’ is said to allow record collectors to play vinyl straight from their smartphone, which might sound oddly interesting, right? Currently in development, the Love turntable is designed to allow 21-st century audiophiles to experience ‘the intimacy of vinyl with modern day convenience’.

The renowned Swiss designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar is the brilliant mind behind this project, meant to put a spin on vinyl, literally. Able to connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and controlled by your smartphone, this thing shows off an organic outer shell, finished in glossy black, complementing vinyl completely with a rose gold touch.

Yves Béhar Love Turntable

Once synced with an audio device, the intelligent system imagined by Yves Béhar scans over the vinyl to determine its size and the number of tracks, and yes, you can even choose which track you’d like to play. The smart music system allows users to play their favorite vinyl records in a seamless fashion.

There’s also a dedicated app, that will play, skip tracks, repeat tracks, select different RPM speeds, turn the volume up and down, and display the album artwork at the touch of a button, which seems to be just as amazing as this innovative device. As previously mentioned, the Love intelligent turntable isn’t available quite yet, but there’s bound to be a finished product as soon as possible at a store near you.

Yves Béhar Love Turntable

LOVE | The First Intelligent Turntable

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  1. AC April 19, 2022

    Too bad it was a complete scam of a product. They just took investors money and never made anything….


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