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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2020 – How Rich is Floyd Mayweather?

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Floyd Mayweather

One of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather is best known for being undefeated throughout his 19 year professional career with an incredible record of 49 to 0. He’s won fifteen world titles, in five different weight classes, making him a quintuple champion. Don’t you love that word? Thought so.

His storied fight of the century against Manny Pacquiao in May 2015 crushed every boxing financial record, being catalogued as the highest-grossing single-day sport event in history. That fight alone brought him $250 million, making Floyd the highest paid athlete in the world, topping the Forbes 2015 Celebrity 100 list.

Yes, you got that right. In one night he earned more than twice as much as he did in his previous years, sky-rocketing his net worth to more than $560 million.

Early Years and Hardships

Floyd Mayweather Young

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born wearing his mother’s last name, Sinclair, on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. a former welterweight contender and two uncles as professional boxers, one of them being his former trainer, Floyd Jr. had boxing in his blood. Add to that the hell he’s been through in his childhood years and the result is his illustrious boxing career.

His father introduced him to the gym soon after the boy started walking, and at the age of seven, he got his first boxing gloves. Floyd never got to take a nice walk in the park or go to a movie with his father, they only went to the boxing gym for training. Furthermore, the elder Mayweather had many problems with the law and went into prison, his absence causing a lot of pain in the boy’s life.

When he was living with his mom, at around the age of nine, they were seven in one bedroom and sometimes they didn’t even have electricity. His mother, Deborah, was also having issues with drug addiction. Sometimes, he would live with his grandmother, who saw his potential and encouraged him to forget about a normal job and follow a boxing career.

The boy basically raised himself, going through life’s ups and downs with boxing being his only channel to release tension. He dropped out of school, thinking that it wasn’t important at that time, and he put all his energies into boxing, in an attempt to earn a living and take care of his mom.

Floyd Mayweather: From Amateur to Professional

Floyd Mayweather Boxing

Away from the troubles of his family, the boxing ring brought Floyd the much needed peace and control. His amateur career record was 84-6, winning the national Golden Gloves in 1993, 1994 and 1996.

He turned pro in October 1996 and continued to win fight after fight, increasing his fortune at the same rate. Both his career and net worth growth accelerated in the 2000’s, making him the third highest paid American athlete in 2010, with an income of more than $60 million that year.

Pay per view bouts brought Floyd Mayweather a total of more than $700 million during his 19 year career as a professional boxer, so you can indeed say that this guy fought hard for his money.

Merchandise, Endorsments and TV Appearances

Floyd Mayweather Money

Mayweather isn’t too much into other sources of income, although he had an agreement with Burger King and Hublot before his big fight with Pacquiao. According to Forbes, the sales of TMT merchandise boosted the boxer’s net worth with an extra $15 million in 2015.

As his international profile grew, the boxing star also got into television in the four-part HBO documentary 24/7, which indirectly helped increase his pay-per-view records. He also appeared as a contestant on ABC Television’s Dancing with the Stars.

Floyd Mayweather –  Homes and Car Collection

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Mayweather has no problem being extravagant when he wants that. His house is worth a mind-blowing $20 million.

Called the Big Boy Mansion, his huge manor in Las Vegas brags with heaps of opulent comforts such as full marble flooring, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a lovely jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, home theater and a 15-car garage for his big boy toys. I guess rest plays an important part of being a success sportsman. Last year, he also purchased a gorgeous $7.7 million waterfront mansion in Miami.

About his impressive car collection, we wrote here. Don’t even bother searching too much, he’s at number one, with several Bugattis, an ultra rare Koenigsegg CCXR, an Aston Martin One 77, a Pagani Huayra, and a few Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls-Royces. He also owns a stunning private jet, that might be worth more than his entire car collection.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Over Time

Back in 2005, Floyd Mayweather was getting around $8 million per match, but in these last 10 years he was doing around $40 million per year, peaking at the enormous $250 million on the fight of the century with Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

His second and third highest revenues from single fights were $75 million against Saul Alvarez and $50 million against Robert Guerrero, both in 2013, bringing him a total of $125 million for the year.

With an estimated net worth of more than $560 million in 2020, I guess you understand why his nickname is Money.

While boxing brought him the insane sum of $729 million across his 19 year career, merchandise added $91 million, endorsements only a decent $3,500,000 and TV appearances $4,600,000, Floyd Mayweather earned a total of $829 million until last year. Some sources say he also has investments in the value of $51million.

While he said he is now comfortable being retired and spending time with his four children, he also stated that, for the right price, he might come back to secure his 50th victory. That for sure will make his net worth sky-rocket again.

Last update: May 2020.

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