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World`s First Tram Sauna opened in Milan, Italy

By Adrian Prisca


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Italian people always had crazy and interesting design ideas and the latest masterpiece from Italy is the world’s first tram sauna which was recently opened in Milan, Italy. The lovely tram sauna has been created by public transport designers QC Termemilano and, even though it’s not movable, it has all the characteristics of the original carriage and all the features to make it operational.

Compared to a normal tram, this one of a kind tram sauna features a more wooden interior which is also a bit stuffier, a bit more stylish and, of course, a lot hotter than it would be in a normal tram. The interior probably has all the things you would normally find in a sauna at a spa with hot coals and wooden benches.

The temperatures inside this tram sauna can go from 60°C to 100°C and, while visitors will enjoy the lovely sauna experience they can also gawk at the beautiful surroundings through the large tram windows. The Italian designers wanted to convince everyone that public transport is not always so stressful and this unique tram sauna is definitely a wonderful place of relaxation.

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