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Rent an entire Bali Resort for your party for $88,000!

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah resort from Bali is now offering a buy-out package that caters to a single party of up to 50 for a three-night, four day retreat for $88,000! This package includes having the 20 villa estate to yourself with all meals, spa treatments, yoga classes and more!

The estate was built in the early 80s as a private retreat and the name Tanah Gajah which translates to Elephant Realm is a reference to a nearby Hindu temple. Guests will enjoy all the luxury of a resort but with perfect, unspoiled tranquility. A butler will attend all guest needs and can offer tours and arrange special events as well.

The General Manager of the resort declared that when you break down the math, per person, per night, you are looking at just $587, which is really affordable compared to other resorts from Bali. So… if you’re planning a big party and you really want to surprise your guests, you could just buy-out this tropical paradise for three nights to give everyone an experience that they’ll never forget.



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