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What Celebrity Properties are Available to live in?

By Adrian Prisca


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While the popular Airnb platform has hit the headlines recently for celebrity properties and making them available to the public, it must be noted that this enables travellers to access the high life for a short time only. Those with a desire to seek out the limelight in the long-term need not worry, however, as there are also a select few ‘celebrity’ properties on the market that offer more permanent living solutions, particularly if business is going well.

While quick house sale outlets such as Property Rescue may come across a rich diversity of homes through the course of their everyday work, they are unlikely to encounter any of the buildings listed here. Take the two-double bedroom flat featured in the hit television sitcom Spaced, for example, which sits in a Grade II listed structure in Tufnell Park. This iconic building, which is currently available for rent through TMD Properties in Highgate and cost just £90 a week during two series’ on Channel 4, can now be secured for the princely sum of £1,993 a month.

This Simo Pegg-inspired comedy is not the only hit to spawn a new addition to the property market, as fans of the classic U.S. show The Gilmore Girls can testify. While the main character Lorelai Gilmore may have struggled with money issues throughout the course of the show, in reality her charming Stars Hollow home in Connecticut is actually worth a staggering $2.8 million dollars. It is currently listed for sale on the property market in the U.S., although it has yet to benefit from a serious offer.

These properties are just of multiple celebrity-inspired homes available around the world, some of which are among the most iconic buildings in television history. Take the Soprano’s mansion in North Caldwell, New Jersey, for example, which has scarcely changed since the height of the show’s popularity and is worth in excess of seven digits. At the other end of the spectrum is the Brady Bunch home is Los Angeles, which is located in North Hollywood, boasts two bedrooms and is worth $550,000.

The value of the Brady home is particularly interesting, as it highlights how property prices can be inflated by an intriguing history and celebrity association. Such properties are known to generate considerable interest among buyers, as those with the necessary financial resources are always keen to search for the wow factor in the property market. These homes certainly offer you an opportunity to access the fascinating history of popular culture and make a celebrity home your own.

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