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Bask In The Magnificence Of The Ceylon Tea Trails

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Ceylon Tea Trails

The Ceylon Tea Trails is a breathtaking Sri Lankan resort, with a distinctly colonial air that will charm you the minute you arrive here. With former residences of British tea estate managers converted into opulent bungalows, this incredibly beautiful resort is the ideal place to break away from the stress of everyday life.

You can replace your morning coffee with a delicious and energizing cup of tea, since The Ceylon Tea Trails is located right on a working tea estate in Central Sri Lanka. There are plenty of quality tea brands available and you can even enjoy tea-infused cuisine in this slice of heaven.

Ceylon Tea Trails

The hotel’s plantation bungalows allow guests to sit right on the preened lawn, surrounded by swaying tea plants and delicate tropical flowers, as they savor their 5 o’clock tea with some biscuits, a nice talk, a good book or swinging a croquet mallet.

But the best way to enjoy this place and the surrounding Bogawantalawa Valley and its tea fields is definitely by pedaling on a bike. These never-ending gentle hills hide overlapping bike routes that allow you to choose your path in accordance to your mood or your desired activity level.

And once you set out at dawn and head to Adam’s peak for a hike, you’ll feel energized and in touch with nature. Do hurry, as the spectacular Peak Wilderness Sanctuary awaits you there as well.

Ceylon Tea Trails


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