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Warhawk Limited Edition Leaves The Past Behind

Warhawk Limited Edition

Confederate Motors became Curtiss motorcycles last year, but that’s not the only change the renowned Alabama-based motorcycle builder went through recently. They’ve also decided to say goodbye to combustion-engined motorcycles and focus their attention on the development of incredible electric bikes like the Zeus, which is big news and a pretty risky business move as well.

The trend with electric cars, bikes or yachts keeps getting more and more popular, and this bold move might prove to be very successful in these next couple of years. But for those of us who were going crazy over the outrageous Confederate projects, the company has released a limited edition bike called Warhawk that could easily take your breath away.

Warhawk Limited Edition

Produced in a limited run of just 36 units, this naked machine is powered by a ‘good old’ air-cooled triple-camshaft 2,163 cc engine that develops 150 bhp. The top speed of the Warhawk stands at around 165 mph (265 km/h) and since its the last of its kind, we were expecting it to be pretty expensive, but not exactly $105,000-expensive. Is it really worth it?

That’s up for you to decide, once you reserve one and pre-order it with a $5,000 deposit. The Warhawk Limited Edition will take two or three months to be completed and after all these 36 units are ready, the company will get back to the electric Zeus.

From the initial specs, Zeus will be able to deliver 170 horsepower and a top torque of 290 lbs-ft, from dual Zero motors and a common shaft, hidden under a bare aluminum body. Which one would you choose ?

Warhawk Limited Edition


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