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Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition bed

By Adrian Prisca


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Here’s a limited edition bed which will instantly catch the eyes of anyone – the brand new Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition – the future source of your sweetest dreams. Let’s take a peek! The brand, Vi-Spring, comes from Great Britain and was established back in 1901, as the world’s first manufacturer of an interior sprung mattress using a system of individually pocketed springs – at the time, a real innovation, which echoes even today.

There are many famous fans of the brand nowadays, like Victoria and David Beckham. And they are pretty well devoted to the brand because the particularly sensitive coils within each of the pocket springs of a Vi-Spring bed react to even the slightest of movements. This means optimum head-to-toe support as well as long, cozy sleeps.

The fillings and covers of each mattress are of the finest materials available, from raw silk and Shetland wool to cashmere and Austrian Moosburger horsehair. The lifetime quality guarantee that comes with each of the mattresses is also effectively backed up by the absence of synthetic and potentially irritating materials, like foams or glues, as well as astonishing sturdiness.

The Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition beds are currently available for purchase in Hong Kong. Such an exquisite piece will cost you a whopping 1 million Hong Kong dollars (around $130,000 US), but it won’t even probably be the case, as just 8 were manufactured.

In addition to the aforementioned, there is also a model available in exquisitely exclusive Swiss Dauny. Just 9 of these exist today, spread all across the world. The Swiss Dauny is a superb duvet manufactured under Vi-Spring’s Dauny Label. This house specialty material is produced in just 4 tons yearly, it is both warm and lightweight, stuffed with Icelandic eiderdown and wrapped in pure satin woven from the finest of mulberry silks. This is definitely something I’d like to lay my tired back on! In dark blue!


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